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Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

Florence institution has established excellent infrastructure. We have good buildings which are situated in an excellent locality of Bangalore and are away from the noisy environment.

Each course has a separate block with good facilities for library, laboratories, classrooms and offices. Computer has become a necessity in all professional studies. Keeping in par with the same trend we have a well equipped computer lab. The lab is spacious with adequate number of computers and is well furnished. We have spacious, well equipped and ventilated classrooms with comfortable seating facility.

Our students are accommodated and prepared for futuristic global level competency in delivering health care system in community and hospitals.

Co-Circular Activities

Students organize Seminars/Workshops in the college and participate in National & State Level programs.

Extra Circular Activities

We are concerned not only about education but overall development of the students. All students are encouraged to excel and participate in various types of sports and extra curricular activities. Outdoor and indoor recreational and cultural programs are organized regularly and the winners are encouraged accordingly.

It has been the tradition of the institution to encourage all types of co -curricular activities during the academic course. A student is always given an opportunity to show up his talents.